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Concrete Staining Services in Monterey/Santa Cruz CA

Concrete Staining in Monterey/Santa Cruz CA

Concrete Floor Staining by Danscapes is a wonderful way to enhance Concrete Flooring in your Monterey/Santa Cruz, CA area home.

Our service offers many choices for painting or staining your concrete flooring. The concrete coloring and staining options are virtually limitless and there are even a few health benefits to Concrete Staining or Finishing.

Stained Concrete Floors offer a great look and are sure to last you a life time! Danscapes can turn regular, dull concrete into a masterpiece. We can stain your concrete walkways, entrances, patios, driveways, living rooms and bathrooms. The smoother the surface the better the stain will take.

New concrete will need about 3 weeks to cure. After that it will need to be rinsed and scrubbed. Older concrete will need to be cleaned thouroughly. Our Monterey/Santa Cruz Concrete Staining experts will use the best equipment when staining your concrete. They have years of experience and always complete their work on time.

We are a Super-krete certified contractor since 2007. These products are EPA and OSHA compliant as well as plant and grass safe.

What Monterey/Santa Cruz Homeowners Are Saying About Our Concrete Staining

"Dan did a fantastic job sealing and staining our patio. He gave a competitive price, quality job and was prompt and efficient through the whole process. Thanks!"

- Santa Clara, CA | Rated: 3 / 3

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If you are looking for a Monterey/Santa Cruz Concrete Staining Specialist then please call 831-428-3783 or complete our online request form.