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Deck Installation and Restoration in Monterey/Santa Cruz, CA

Deck Installation and Restoration in Monterey/Santa Cruz CA

Is your deck treated as an extra room of your home? It's worth its upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking good and lasting longer. offers deck construction, maintenance including: checking for loose boards, repairing or replacing rotten or damaged boards, cleaning the surface, and applying an all-weather sealant.

For quality deck installation and restoration services in Monterey/Santa Cruz, you can count on Danscapes to provide you with the perfect deck for your home whether we restore your current deck or install a completely new one!

Deck Restoration Services

If you have an old deck that has seen better days, it's time to get it fixed, repaired, resealed, and looking fabulous again. Old decks become dangerous, and at times the rotting wood or problems are hidden where you can't see them. Rather than waiting until your deck caves in or snags and cuts you or a family member, let us restore your awesome deck to its original glory!

When we restore your deck, we'll be examining the structure for stability as well as reviving the surface. Repairs will be made prior to any cosmetic applications. We'll replace wood or the materials your deck consists of, re-sand, re-stain, and re-seal it. We can't wait to see the look on your face when we're through with your deck restoration! It will blow your mind the difference it will make for the aesthetic beauty of your home's exterior!

Deck Installation and Restoration in Monterey Bay, CA

New Deck Installations

The great thing about installing a new deck for your home is the difference it will make to how your home looks and functions. Your property value will also increase when you have a deck built by our professionals at Danscapes because we construct them right.

You'll have expert craftsmen working on your new deck that are fully qualified and experienced at building you any type of deck you want. Whether you're looking for something simple or something outrageous that includes a place for hot tub and swimming pool, our experts can set it up for you.

New decks are so fun because you get to choose better quality materials that can literally last almost forever. With today's new technologies, wood isn't the only option you have anymore for deck installations.

Engineered vinyl is a great option that means you won't be making deck repairs very often, nor will you have to paint or stain it. There are also plastic-wood composites that last a long time and give you a warmer feel of real wood under your feet. You'll also have lots of options in widths, shapes, grades, and finishes!

You want your deck to look elegant and be comfortable, being an extension of your home. Whether you're looking for a cost effective option or you're more concerned with having all the luxurious options, our Monterey/Santa Cruz landscaping specialists will be happy to provide you with a deck you are proud of!

We Provide Deck Installation and Restoration in the Following Areas:

Santa Cruz County - Santa Cruz, CA | San Luis Obispo, CA | Canyon del Rey, CA | Carmel, CA | Monterey, CA | Scotts Valley, CA | Aptos, CA | Pacific Grove, CA | Carmel Valley, CA | Soquel, CA | San Jose, CA | Corralitos, CA | Live Oak, CA | Marina, CA | Seaside, CA | Sand City, CA | Los Gatos, CA | Pasatiempo, CA

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Deck Restoration in Pebble Beach, CA

Deck Restoration in Pebble Beach, CA

The project required restoring an old second story deck and railing. We began by reducing the size of the deck due to extensive damage. Removal of the rotten railing fascia and deck treads. This portion of removal was restored with surfaced heart redwood treads, ballasts, fascia, […]

Tree Damaged Deck Restoration in Monterey, CA

Tree Damaged Deck Restoration in Monterey, CA

The deck at a residence as well as the fence and stairway were damaged after a storm knocked a tree over. We used surfaced heart redwood to replace the deck treads, ballasts and railing as well as the fascia. Pressure treated lumber with concrete casings stabilized the new posts, […]

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