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Professional French Drain Installation

French drains are a perennial standby for efficient outdoor drainage. Standing water on your property can easily damage your home’s structure and foundation, as well as creating an environment for foul-smelling molds and mildews to grow. French drains are an excellent option for safely and efficiently draining water away from your property to prevent standing water buildup and keep your home safe and dry. For professional French drain installation in Watsonville, Danscapes provides unbeatable value and great service, making them a top choice among local homeowners.

How French Drains Work

A French drain is a gravel-filled trench with hollow perforated pipes running underneath it. Water from the soil flows into the gravel and then into the drain pipe, which is installed so that gravity causes the water to flow downward and away from the building. They’re installed by digging trenches in out-of-the-way, low-lying areas of your yard. After the pipe and overlying gravel are installed, soil can be put back over it, camouflaging the drainage system so you’ll never even know it’s there.

The Benefits of French Drains

A well-installed French drain system from Danscapes can help prevent a multitude of common problems from occurring in your Watsonville home, including:

  • Flooded yards
  • Foundation failure
  • Wet basements or crawlspaces
  • Wood rot
  • Mold growth
  • And more

The last thing you want is a major buildup of standing water on your property. Not only can it damage the structure of a building, but it can also create serious health threats. Standing water is a home for bacteria, mold, and insect larvae. Mold growth is a major cause of respiratory problems, allergies, asthma attacks, and other health problems. Some types of mold can even release dangerous toxins that could make you very sick. Insects are another problem, especially mosquitos, since they’re not only a nuisance, but they act as disease vectors. A French drain system from Danscapes can help improve your health and wellness by eliminating these risks through proper rerouting of what might otherwise become standing water.

For more information about the benefits of French drain installation, call Danscapes today. You’ll love their excellent worksmanship, reasonable pricing, and great customer service.

We Provide French Drain Installation in the Following Areas:

Santa Cruz County - Santa Cruz, CA | San Luis Obispo, CA | Canyon del Rey, CA | Carmel, CA | Monterey, CA | Scotts Valley, CA | Aptos, CA | Pacific Grove, CA | Carmel Valley, CA | Soquel, CA | San Jose, CA | Corralitos, CA | Live Oak, CA | Marina, CA | Seaside, CA | Sand City, CA | Los Gatos, CA | Pasatiempo, CA

And more

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