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Deck, Fence, and Retaining Wall Construction in Santa Cruz, CA

A return customer called and had us look at their current deck, fence and retaining wall. After making the determination that it would be best to start fresh and remove the current wood rot on all three sections we provided a quote for new construction.

The new deck was approximately 20' x 12 & 12' x 10' in an L shape with a step down walkway of 11' long. We built the new deck on concrete piers to match the existing redwood porch height of 16.5" with pressure treated 4x4" girders 2x6" pressure treated joists, 2x6" rough redwood treads and 2x12" pressure treated fascia boards around the perimeter. The stairs were constructed with 2x6' smooth redwood treads and the stair stringers with 2x12" pressure treated lumber. At the completion of the build the deck was stained with Superdeck transparent wood stain for protection.

The fence adjoining the deck was built with 1x4" smooth redwood fence boards and 2x4" smooth redwood framing, pressure treated 4x4" posts and fast setting concrete. This fence and gate was stained with Superdeck transparent stain as well and easy gate hardware was used for the simple entrance without reaching over the gate.

The fence was constructed of rough redwood 1x6" fence boards, 2x4 rough redwood framing, 4x4" pressure treated posts, fast set concrete and 2x8" pressure treated kick boards. Easy gate hardware was also used on the fence to allow for quick and hassle free entrance to the back yard.

The retaining wall was built with 2x6" pressure treated boards and 4x4" pressure treated posts with fast setting concrete. The height was 18" to allow for erosion control in the planter bed. The pond water was treated for algae and we added an aeration fountain to keep the water oxygenated while providing a soothing sound audible from the house and the garden.

Let us know what we can bring to your home, thus Santa Cruz county customer is very happy with the new look and the value added to there property.

  • Materials Used: Redwood
  • Deck Installation
  • Fencing Building
  • Fencing Installation
  • Retaining Walls

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