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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Storm Damaged Tree Removal

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Whether it’s from a crazy thunderstorm with high winds, or from the weight of built up snow or ice during the winter, the trees around your home’s landscape can suffer some very serious damage over a very short amount of time. If in the wake of a storm that passes through your area, you look out your windows and see a whole host of tree branches, or large sections of trees all over your property, including your home itself or just your driveway, your best bet is usually going to be to get the number of a professional tree removal service to come out as opposed to digging out your old chainsaw and going to town on the debris yourself. Tree removal can be a tricky business at the best of times, and in the wake of a major storm, it can become quite a bit more complicated as it can be difficult to tell exactly what has been damaged during the storm, and what hasn’t. Before you attempt to tackle the job yourself, it might be beneficial to take a look at this short list we’ve put together, and weight whether it might be in your home’s best interest to have a professional come in and take care of it instead.

Tree Removal Can Be Unpredictable

Trees and their limbs can do some fairly unpredictable things when you cut them sometimes. What might seem like a fairly simple cut at the start, could very easily fall in ways that you would never expect, or could cause kickback if you were to try to remove them yourself. This could easily result in having an entire tree come down where you least want it, or having a chainsaw jumping back and putting you at serious risk of sustaining major trauma. Even for experienced experts, the job isn’t always as simple as it appears to be, but with the additional experience a professional provides, they can help to minimize and take steps to eliminate these issues.

Fewer Disposal Trips For Debris

One thing you will definitely be aware of if you have ever tried to remove yard debris in the wake of a storm is just how quickly that debris can fill up a truck or trailer, and just how many trips it can take to get everything hauled away. Most professionals address this problem by utilizing a wood chipper to help fit more debris into each load and minimize the number of trips it takes to get everything hauled away from your home. In addition to the inconvenience of debris removal, all of that extra weight can put a lot of strain on your vehicle, so it might be worth considering if the cost of hiring a professional outweighs that of having to invest in transmission or suspension repairs for your car or truck.

Reduce Potential Of Injury

Trimming trees and removing wood uses a lot of muscles and requires a great deal of constant lifting and bending over. For many people who don’t get that kind of regular exertion, it is very easy to hurt your back or develop other injuries during this type of work, especially if you’re not lifting properly or you don’t have the necessary equipment to move large and heavy sections of trees and the like. Professional tree services will regularly make use of equipment and machinery that allows them to move larger debris with ease, and helps to preserve the health of their team of professionals.

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