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Does Windchill Affect Plants & Other Cold Weather Questions

Windchill affect plants

Diligent homeowners know the importance of taking care of their plants, in times of inclement weather. While Santa Cruz may not experience winter the same way other parts of the country do, there is still enough reason to be mindful. So, it makes sense to want to be aware of how factors like windchill could affect your plant life, in order to avoid or at least minimize damage.

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Flora

Of course, you should be working with a professional landscaping expert in order to protect your plant life. As part of your landscaping, your plants are an investment into your property, as well as something that looks good and provides cleaner healthier air.

Windchill can definitely lead to breakage. In an otherwise healthy plant, this may not be that detrimental, but if it is at all compromised already, this could cause big problems for your plants.

Even with hardy plants, windchill combined with below freezing temps can pose a much bigger threat. Mostly, this is an issue in colder regions because the dry air is already robbing the plant and soil of required moisture.

Certain types of plants are more susceptible to damage, and from a variety of different factors. However, plants that are going to be high-risk candidates for damage are usually those planted in a climate they are not adapted for.

On the other hand, the wind is good for plants because air circulation helps stimulate growth, as well as can thwart frost.

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For over a decade now, we have been providing essential landscaping services for this area. At Danscapes, we believe in not just servicing our customers, but helping to educate them.
By doing so, we can work together to help take care of your yard, and every component of it. Getting proactive about your landscaping is an important way to be able to protect your most important investment – your home.

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