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Weed Control Tips From Your Santa Cruz Landscaping Experts

When it comes to Santa Cruz landscape maintenance, a reoccurring issue is weed control. Weeds can germinate and grow in any season, unlike the plants we sow annually. You can pull up weeds only to have new ones sprout within a few days. These weeds take food, water and space from your flowers and grass, so its important to keep up with weed control.

Using the following tips and hints, you can keep your Santa Cruz lawn green and weed free.

Combination weed and feed products can be helpful. The products combine compounds to discourage weed growth and germination, along with fertilizer to feed grass. The downside is that products like this must be used on a regular basis or will become ineffective after some time.

For a Santa Cruz homeowner to really get weeds under control, a plan is needed. The first application of a feed and seed should be done in the early spring.

Although weeds can sprout at anytime, spring is a good time to prevent the germination of many kinds of weeds to prevent them from spreading seeds throughout the year. These products usually last about two months before time and rains require a reapplication.

When applying this product, it is also very important to get the dosage right, too.

Too much can kill your grass, which defeats the purpose of using such a product. Different products require different lawn maintenance tools. For medium to large lawns, some type of spreader is needed. Spreaders help maintain an even application of fertilizers, weed-prevention chemicals and new grass seed. This will help ensure that you use the right dosage when applying chemicals to your lawn.

A good rule of thumb to go by is to use your spreader to apply feed and seed every two months as mentioned before. However, in areas where there is a shorter dormant season, more applications may be necessary.

Some Santa Cruz homeowners do their own landscape maintenance because they have a natural green thumb or enjoy the physical activity.

Other homeowners hire a Santa Cruz landscaping company to take advantage of their know-how and equipment. Whatever you choose to do, remember that proper planning will aide one in not only weed control but in overall yard lawn care and maintenance.

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