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Drainage System Project in Santa Cruz, CA

We helped design a drainage system for a customer in the Santa Cruz mountains which is an area that receives a healthy dose of rain each winter. The homeowner was noticing water in the crawl space area under the house and was looking for a remedy. We decided to excavate the soil in the back yard up against a concrete retaining wall to a depth of five feet. This depth was crucial considering we needed to start our pipe system at twelve inches below the crawl space grade.

A large slope on the property moved a lot of water straight toward the retaining wall just two feet from where the crawl space was located. We lined our trench with two pre formed easy flow four inch French drain pipes. The pipes are a diameter of 10" total after the packing and nylon wrap are included. Easy flow French drain blanks were stacked on top of the pipes to channel water down to the pipes during rains and runoff.

We lined the trench with a three inch pvc pipe connected to the rain gutter down spout and set that line on top of the easy flow blanks. This system ran a distance of 65 feet with one inch of slope gradient per ten feet. At the end of our trench we punched three holes in the wood retaining wall to emit the water in the pipes through the drain grates.

The customer was very satisfied and will have little to worry about throughout the winter seasons ahead with this pipe line in place. So let us know how we can help you with French drain, channel drain or box drain installations to prepare for the rain.

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